DD Form 214

The most important document a veteran has is the DD form 214.  Every Veteran receives discharge (separation) papers (DD214).  This form documents the dates of enlistment/discharge and the type of discharge.  This legal document is the basis for determining eligibility for Veterans benefits.

What if the Veteran Cannot Find Their DD214?

Regional Office
5400 West National Ave.
Milwaukee, WI  53214
Phone:  (800) 827-1000

  • Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs - Phone:  (800) WIS-VETS (947-8387)
  • County Register of Deeds Office, if the DD214 had been pre-recorded in the county records.

The easiest way to obtain the DD form 214 is to go to the County Veteran Service Office in the County where the Veteran resides.  This will establish the essential relationship between the Veteran and their County Veterans Service Officer.