Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do I do if I receive a letter from the IRS?
A: Breathe!  Don’t panic.  It could just be an informational letter.  The IRS may be requesting more paperwork.  Open the letter to see what information they are requesting.  Call them to find out exactly what they need.  The IRS will help you.  They will give you options.  You may just need to file a return or amend a return that was done incorrectly.
Q: What can I do if the IRS requires more information and I don’t know what to do?
A: Contact Wisconsin Judicare.  They may be able to help you free of charge if you qualify, or they may refer you to someone else if you do not qualify.
Q: Where can I go to get help with my taxes?
A: There are many places that will help with taxes.  There is Wisconsin Judicare for past-year taxes.  You may qualify for VITA to prepare your current year taxes.  The United Way can also help locate someone to help you.
Q: Can I claim a relative who is living with me as a dependent?
A: That is always a possibility.  This would depend on how you are related and whether they are supporting themselves or whether you are supporting them.  There are several questions we would have to ask you to determine if you are able to claim the person on your tax return.
Q: How long can I claim my children as dependents?
A: You can claim them up to the age of 18 or up to the age of 24 if they are attending college.  There may be special circumstances after that.  If they are living at home, you are providing more than half the support, and they are not bringing in any income, you may also be able to claim them on your return.
Q: What if my child is working during school?  How does that affect my taxes?
A: There are several options that can be explored.  If your child is a full-time student and only working a part-time job, it is still best for the parent to claim the child.  The student can file a return to receive their refund; they just can’t claim themselves on their return.  If the student is working full time and going to school part time, then it is probably better for the student to claim themselves and file their own return depending on the amount of wages.
Q: What information do I need for Wisconsin Homestead Credit?
A: If you rent, you will need a Rent Certificate.  This can be found on Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s website.  If you own your house, you will need your current property tax bill, even if it has not been paid.  For example, this year you will need your 2012 tax bill even if you paid part of it in 2013.
Q: What information is required for the Child Care Credit?
A: You will need your care provider’s name, Social Security number/Federal Id number, address, and the amount paid to them for each child.  Most providers will give you this information when requested.