Procedure for Complaints about denial of assistance:  Complaints about denial of assistance will probably arise for one of three reasons: 

  1. Financial ineligibility;
  2. The services requested are prohibited by the Act; or
  3. The services requested are not within priorities set by the Board of Directors.

A person having a complaint because of having been wrongly or unfairly denied legal assistance by the Judicare program may contact the Program Director by letter or telephone.  Upon receipt of such a complaint, the person shall have a reasonable opportunity to confer with the Director or his or her designee and, if feasible, with a Board member.  A file will be maintained relative to complaints and the disposition thereof.  The matter will be reviewed and, if appropriate, a waiver granted.

Procedure for Complaints about services provided:  A person having a complaint about the manner or quality of legal services provided will be referred to and considered by the Program Director or his or her designee.  If the Director is unable to resolve the matter, the complaint may be presented orally or in writing to the Grievance Committee established by the Wisconsin Judicare Board of Directors.  A person who has a complaint may be accompanied by another person.  Upon request, Wisconsin Judicare shall transcribe a brief statement dictated by the complainant.  A file will be maintained relative to the complaints and the disposition thereof.

Complaints may also be directed to:
Legal Services Corporation
Office of Compliance and Enforcement
3333 K Street NW, 3rd Floor
Washington, DC  20007