Housing for Veterans

Affordable Housing Online in WI

Wounded Warrior Project
Affordable Housing Online

Energy Assistance

(866) 432-8947 - Utility payment assistance and weatherization

Home Energy Plus

(866) 432-8947 - Crisis heat & electrical assistance to families during winter (>150% FPL)

HUD Veteran Resource Center

800-990-9999 - www.hud.gov/hudvet

VA Loan Guarantee Hotline

(877) 827-3702

Tenant Resource Center

(877) 238-RENT = www.tenantresourcecenter.org

HOPE NOW Housing Counseling Alliance

(888) 995-4673

Home Loans

USVA Home Loan:  VA Loan guarantee assists SMs, veterans, and un-remarried surviving spouses obtain homes or condos, refinance mortgage, or energy improvements.  Need Certificate of Eligibility.  VA guaranty 25% of VA loan limit for SM/vet with full entitlement.

WDVA Home Loan:  Wisconsin offers a state veterans home loan program (the Primary Mortgage Loan), different from the USVA:  Purchase, construction, or improvement of a single family home.  Purchase of certain existing 2- to 4-unit owner-occupied residence.

WDVA Home Improvement Loan Program:  Wisconsin veterans can borrow up to 90% of home equity for home improvements.

Rental & Lease Protections

Eviction:  Upon motion, court must stay proceedings for 90 days for servicemembers on active duty and their dependents.

Residential Leases:  May be terminated on date of military orders.  Upon written notice, lease ends 30 days after next rental payment.