Participating Attorney List

Wisconsin Judicare invites attorneys and tribal court lay advocates to join us in our efforts to ensure fairness in the justice system for all Northern Wisconsin residents, regardless of how much money they have.  Wisconsin Judicare has many "low-bono" and pro bono opportunities for lawyers and advocates.  .

Our "low-bono" participating attorneys are paid $60.00 an hour, and lay advocates are paid $30.00 an hour, for cases approved by our program.  Of course, if you prefer, these opportunities are also available to do pro bono!

Judicare covers a wide variety of civil cases, including but not limited to consumer, education, family, health, housing, income maintenance, and individual rights.  We need your help to continue this success.

Benefits of being a Participating Attorney:

  • Free Continuing Legal Education credits (CLE) - Wisconsin Judicare regularly sponsors CLE seminars that are free for attorneys and lay advocates who participate in our program. 
  • Judicare staff attorneys are available to provide back-up support on Judicare cases in the form of legal research or research materials. 
  • Judicare provides secondary malpractice insurance.
  • Gain valuable experience in new areas of law while developing your own clientele.

Once your name is added to the list of distinguished participating attorneys, you can receive these benefits while performing a public service helping low-income clients who cannot afford to pay their own legal fees.  As a participating attorney, we simply request that you provide limited pro bono hours by taking 1 extended case or 5 initial consultations for counsel and advice to our eligible clients.

Please help!

Please help continue the great partnership between Wisconsin Judicare and the private bar in serving the low-income population of northern Wisconsin.  If you’re interested in participating in Wisconsin Judicare’s Participating Attorney program, or if you would like more information, please contact Judicare's Participating Attorney Involvement Director, Paige Juel, at (715) 842-1681 or (800) 472-1638, or email her at  Click here for the Sign-Up form, which can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to our office.