Special Projects

Wisconsin Judicare currently has Special Projects with Bridge Clinic, Women's Community, and various Domestic Violence Shelters across the state.  Are any of these projects in your wheelhouse?  Contact us to find out more about them!

Domestic Violence Injunction Outreach

An attorney of many years’ experience is now volunteering for Judicare to provide in-court representation for victims seeking Domestic Abuse Injunctions.  Referrals for this service come from both the Women’s Community (Wausau) and Haven (Merrill).  The Judicare volunteer meets with the victim prior to court and represents them as their attorney during the hearing.  Victims no longer need fear going to court alone to face their abusers.

We can match you with a shelter in your community where you can provide representation to DV victims by helping them fill out restraining orders, etc.

Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) with Bridge Clinic

Meet at Bridge Clinic in Wausau every other Wednesday morning from 8:30 a.m. to Noon.  The Clinic has previously set half-hour appointments for patients having legal questions.  If there is unbooked time, walk-ins are accepted, but they have to be Bridge Clinic patients.  The half-hour consultations consist of helping the patients fill out forms, referring them to appropriate community agencies (social security, job service, aging & disability, etc.), providing advice and guidance concerning court matters, and when called for, providing free legal extended casework, thru Judicare if eligible or through volunteer attorneys when they are not Judicare eligible.

Support for this project was provided through the Caroline S. Mark Legacy Fund of the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin.

Women’s Community Outreach - Funded by United Way

Every other Tuesday afternoon an attorney from Judicare meets with Women’s Community clients at their facility to answer the clients’ legal questions and concerns.  These consultations are a half hour in length and are scheduled by the Women’s Community from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  If eligible, Judicare applications are taken and referrals are made to participating attorneys.  Most often the types of legal matters are family law inquiries (divorce, custody, paternity, visitation, DV Injunctions), but inquiries extend to housing, public benefits, bankruptcy, criminal, and other areas of the law.