About Us

Wisconsin Judicare, Inc., is a non-profit law firm dedicated to providing equal access to justice for northern Wisconsin residents. Located on the 2nd floor of the US Bank Building in downtown Wausau, Wisconsin Judicare, Inc., is the civil legal service provider for Wisconsin's northern 33 counties and 11 federally recognized Indian tribes.

From its inception, Wisconsin Judicare has emphasized the utilization of the private bar to represent low-income persons in conjunction with on-staff attorneys.

Our Mission
Wisconsin Judicare's mission is to provide legal assistance to those who otherwise cannot afford it.
Our Vision: Equal Justice for all.

Form 990

Click here to view Wisconsin Judicare's Form 990 Public Disclosures for the last five years.


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Judicare Mediation Services provides free mediation to the Marathon County court system. Mediation is the process of assisting people in resolving their disputes before court intervention, and trained volunteer mediators assist in finding a resolution acceptable to all sides. Judicare is seeking to add volunteer mediators as the program is growing to address increased case loads. To volunteer you don’t need to be an attorney, rather just a desire and ability to listen and help parties determine what’s important to them. We generally reach a settlement agreement about 80% of the time. Volunteers take a forty hour course and we are conducting our next session beginning November 15th.