Indian Law Office  

The Indian Law Office provides representation to low-income Native Americans in civil matters involving Indian law issues.  The Indian Law Office has a long history of providing legal counsel on significant Indian law cases in Wisconsin (e.g., Menominee Restoration, the Voigt case, the Crandon School District case, the American Indian Religious Freedom Act Amendments of 1994).

Additionally, Judicare's Indian Law Office provides legal assistance to Indian tribes on a variety of tribal projects through contracts and agreements with individual tribes (e.g., tribal codes and court development, lay advocate training, tribal/state judicial relations, tribal GAL trainings).

Judicare has one of the best Indian law libraries in Wisconsin, including resource materials specific to Indian tribes and Indian legal issues from Wisconsin, as well as nationally.

Indian Law Office Staff

Director:  David Armstrong
Staff Attorney:  Sunshine Lemieux
Staff Attorney:  Julianne M. Lennon 

2015 Indian Wills Caravan

Judicare staff and Students from Columbia Law School will be at the following locations to assist anyone who wants to draft a will, powers of attorney, and other basic estate planning services for free.

Click here for details.

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