Tax Law

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The IRS will begin releasing EITC and ACTC refunds starting February 27, 2019, but the IRS cautions that you may not have the refund deposited into your account or on your debit card until the week of February 27. For more information about the 2019 tax season, click here.

Need to track the status of your refund if you claimed EITC or ACTC?  Where’s My Refund? on or the IRS2Go mobile app are the best ways to track it.  Expect updates on your refund a day or two after February 15.

Visit the IRS YouTube Channel for tax help videos. 

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If you use a paid tax preparer to file your federal income tax return this year, the IRS urges you to choose that preparer carefully.  Even if someone else prepares your return, you are legally responsible for what is on it.


The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC, or EIC) puts money back into the pockets of qualifying low- and moderate-income working taxpayers when they file their tax returns. Higher income limits and credits this year mean more filers will qualify for the EITC, and those who do qualify will get a bigger check.