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Lennox Dealers of WI & Upper MI 4th Annual Heat UP Wisconsin Program

This statewide program is a way for Lennox dealers to give back to their communities and provides up to one hundred furnaces, completely installed at no cost to home owners. 

All labor and materials are donated including a Lennox furnace, installation by a local Lennox dealer and labor by their employees.  They are looking for families who could use a helping hand in a tough economy and need your help to identify them and alert them to this opportunity.  We, along with the United Way, encourage you to get the word out.  

To nominate a family, go to and look for the submission form link.  Simply explain why this family should have a new furnace and submit it before September 10, 2013.  Please note that you will need some basic information about the current heating system used to complete the form.  The selection will be made by September 30, 2013, with installation on October 5, 2013.

Please note that the furnaces provided are not approved for use in Mobile Homes. 

Thanks to the Lennox Dealers of WI & Upper MI for this opportunity and to you for helping spread the word in your community.